Buying and Selling

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Buying and Selling Overview

The in-game Marketplace offers you the opportunity to buy Genesis and Generations Bees, Queens, Eggs, as well as Lands from other players. Access the Marketplace by tapping on the Shop icon, then tap Marketplace. Use the filters and/or search function to find the right addition to your Hive!

Items listed in the game Marketplace will also be shown on the Magic Eden site (purchasable in HXD in both places). If you list your items on Magic Eden in HXD, they will appear inside the game Marketplace as well.

NOTE: Gen Z Bees, Queens, and Z Shards cannot be sold or traded to other players.

Marketplace prices are based on your VIP Level! - Follow this link for a breakdown of how Marketplace prices are calculated for the various VIP levels.

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Secondary Market - Magic Eden

Honeyland Passes, Items, and Land Tickets haven't been added to the in-game Marketplace yet. They are available on Magic Eden. Visit Passes, Items, and/or Land Tickets to see what’s available!

Special note about shopping for Queens and Bees: If you purchase an asset from the secondary market, you will need to activate it in the game before it can be used (this is also called staking your asset). There can be a downtime period before your new asset will be available for use in the game. You can activate assets inside the game by visiting the Staking screen via the main menu or by visiting HiveMind.

See HiveMind for full details.

Look out! - If you are planning to Breed the Bee you purchase, be sure to check how many times the Bee has already been Bred. All Queens except Genesis Queens and Gen Z Queens have breeding limits and the cost to Breed male Bees goes up with each Breed. It's best to look up the Bee or Queen using HiveMind or view the Bee on the in-game Marketplace to make sure you are seeing the up-to-date stats. Magic Eden doesn't always display the Breed Count and Level stats correctly.

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In-Game Shop

Visit the Shop to purchase game-play assets using Honey held in your game wallet.

The Shop includes:

Beemium upgrade - Learn more about Beemium.

HXD Packs - Purchase Honey (HXD) using your Google Pay or Apple Pay account.

Zzubs - Purchase Zzubs using Honey. Zzubs are used to play Game Mall games and to spin the Lucky Wheel inside the main Honeyland game.

VIP Shop - Purchase limited-quantity shards using Honey.

Gen Z Shop - Purchase Gen Z game-play shards using Honey.

Daily Shop - Purchase game-play shards using Honey.

Frames - Decorate your avatar by buying Frames, keep an eye out for limited edition Frames.

REMINDER: Shards can be redeemed to create game-play items. The more shards you redeem, the rarer the resulting item will be.

Honeyland Token - $HXD

Want to quickly add Honey to your game wallet? You can buy Honeyland Tokens (HXD) via Raydium.

The Bank - To deposit purchased HXD into the game, you will need to use the Bank. Click Bank FAQ for full details.

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