Getting Started

Use this Bee Bible to master Honeyland!

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Welcome to Honeyland! So glad you are here! Get ready for the adventure of your life. Have you downloaded the game yet? If not, use the links below to download to your mobile device.

If you prefer to play using your desktop computer, visit to get started!

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Navigating the universes and growing your colony of Bees will be exciting and challenging. If you ever get stuck and need some help, this guide will be here for you. Be sure to bookmark it.

Also, we have an amazing community in Discord. Feel free to join us. We love to help people succeed in navigating Honeyland. Best of luck on your journey! Zzub zzub!

Introduction to Honeyland!

Honeyland is an amazing resource management strategy game. The objective is to grow your colony of Bees as they travel through many Universes to find a place to call home. Learn more about the history of Honeyland and get clues about the Queen's plans by reading The Story of Honeyland.

While visiting a Universe you will be able to send your Bees on missions to Harvest Honey (HXD), Hunt for Honeypots filled with shards, complete Quests, Breed new Bees, and go head-to-head with other players by Raiding their Hives.

Honeyland is just one of the games in the Honeyverse. Explore our entire ecosystem!

Free to Play

Honeyland is Free-to-Play (FTP) for as long as you like! Once you download the Honeyland App, you will be given a starter Hive which includes one Gen Z Queen and set of Gen Z Bees. Follow the Welcome Pass to learn about the game. As you do, you will receive free shards, Bee Eggs, Breed Tickets, and other in-game items to get you started on your Honeyland journey.

You can start Harvesting right away! As you progress through the game, you will unlock Hunting, Raiding, Breeding, and much more.

FTP players are NOT able to withdraw any Honey they have earned by playing the game unless they upgrade to Beemium.

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Open the entire Honeyverse by upgrading to Beemium!

Opening a Beemium account gives you full and immediate access to the entire Honeyverse. You can open a Beemium account at any time. It is a one-time, in-game purchase of approximately $30 USD. You can also upgrade to Beemium by visiting HiveMind.

Remember, ALL Honey and other assets you earned during Free-to-Play will transfer to your Beemium account.

Beemium Upgrade Benefits

Upgrade from FTP to a Beemium account $30 USD one-time purchase

Upgrade at any time

Free to Play (FTP) Beemium
Starter pack of 1 Gen Z Queen and a set of Gen Z Bees Yes Yes
Able to Hunt Extreme Climate Lands No Yes
Honey (HXD) earned from game play can be withdrawn from the game No Yes
(withdrawal tax applies)
Honey (HXD) deposited into the game can be withdrawn from the game tax free Yes Yes
Honey (HXD) purchased in the game can be withdrawn from the game tax free Yes Yes
Game Items can be converted to tradable Honeyland Assets No Yes
Game Mall Games Access limited to certain
categories of games
Full access to all games
Inactivity Tax Subject to an Inactivity Fee
of 10 Honey or 10% of Honey held,
whichever is greater, for every 30 days of inactivity
Marketplace Tax 40% Starts at 30%, can be reduced
to 10% by leveling up VIP

When a FTP Player upgrades to a Beemium account they will continue to have use of all items they earned while in FTP mode

Your Swarm

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