The ins and outs of Raiding & Defending!

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Player vs. Player - PvP

It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s Player vs. Player (PvP) missions! PvP offers greater rewards at a greater risk. Raids allow you to attack other player’s Hives and steal some Honey (HXD) if you win. Watch out though! If you lose, your Honey will be stolen instead. Your Attack team will carry out Raids on other Hives and your Defense team will try to protect your Hive from Raids by other players. Choosing the right Bees for your team is very important. Generally, an Attack team will be full of Bees with high Attack stats, while Defense teams will have Bees with high Defense stats. It’s your choice!

Player vs. Player - PvP

Landform Advantages and Disadvantages

The Attacking Bee can increase or decrease his Attack stats during PvP resulting in a significant advantage or disadvantage on that turn

Attack Stat Boost Against Attack Stat Reduction Against
Woodland 30% Summit 30% Desert
Summit 30% Desert 30% Woodland
Desert 30% Woodland 30% Summit
Seaside 50% Meadow - -
Meadow 50% Seaside - -
No Specialty - - - -



There are lots of different strategies you can use during PvP play. If you are new to this part of Honeyland, start out by trying to match the Moods, Likes, and Dislikes of the Bees you are using for your Attack squad and Defense team. This provides a mission boost and can really increase your chances of success!

Each bee has an attack profile. Some attacks are more powerful than others and PvP enthusiasts need to consider the attack profile of their bees when setting an Attack squad and Defense team.

GO DEEPER: When you are ready to dig more deeply into PvP strategy, join our Discord Server to strategize with other players or visit our PvP FAQ.

Curious about just how big of a boost you receive from matching Moods, Likes, and Dislikes? - Visit mission boosts to learn more.

Want your Bees to have more Health, Attack, or Defense? - Learn more about upgrading your Bee’s stats.

REMINDER: Not ready to PvP? Deploy a Shield to be removed from the Raid list.

Impact of Bee Traits During Missions

Trait Player vs. Player (PvP) Hunting Harvesting
Agility Affects the *Readiness Meter. The length of the Readiness Meter will be equal to the highest Agility stat in the Raid multiplied 1.25 - Determines how quickly your Bee can collect Honey
Capacity Determines how much Honey you can win/lose - Impacts the amount of Honey your Bee will collect
Luck Bee with the highest Luck stats will automatically be placed at the end of the Readiness Meter and will have the first attacking run The purpose of Luck is to increase the possibility of your Bee getting the Honeypot when other Bees are competing on a Land. NOTE: Honeypot rarity is random and a higher Luck stat doesn't increase the chance of getting a rarer Honeypot. The Generation of the Hunting Bee does not affect the rarity of the pot you receive. -
Recovery - How quickly your Bee recovers and is ready for a new mission How quickly your Bee recovers and is ready for a new mission
Endurance - How far your Bee can travel from the Hive for missions - higher number means they can travel farther How far your Bee can travel from the Hive for missions - higher number means they can travel farther
Health The Health of your Bee - which decreases during PVP - regenerates to full Health as Bee rests in the Hive - -
Attack The higher the Attack stat, the more Health points an enemy Bee loses when you attack them - -
Defense The higher the Defense stat, the fewer Health points your Bee loses when attacked - -

*Readiness Meter establishes the order of attack during the PvP Mission