Your Honeypots are filled with shards!

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Shards are redeemed for Items

When your Bees return from a Hunt, they will have a Honeypot filled with valuable resources called shards. Shards are the building blocks of items that will benefit your game play in a variety of ways. There are many different types of shards that you will collect as you Hunt for Honeypots, spin the Lucky Wheel, and complete Quests.

EXAMPLE: One type of shard that is very useful is the Luck Upgrade shard. When they are redeemed, they create a Luck Upgrade item. Use the Luck Upgrade on a Bee to permanently increase its Luck stat, making that Bee stronger for Hunting.

Important! - Gen Z Bees have their own shards called Z shards. Z shards can only be used with Gen Z Bees. When Hunting, Gen Z Bees will receive Honeypots containing Z shards.

The types of Z shards that can be included are: Gen Z Queen Egg, Gen Z Bee Egg, Gen Z Queen upgrade, Agility, Attack, Capacity, Defense, Health, Luck, Breed ticket, and Mood Stabilizer. Gen Z Bees can also receive Shield, Sonar Buzz, Poison Bomb, and Cursed Honey Drop shards from their Hunts.

If needed, you can convert regular shards into Z shards, but you can't convert Z shards into regular shards.

REMINDER: Gen Z Bees' Endurance stat is based on the player's XP level and can only be changed by the player leveling up. Gen Z Bees' Agility stat cannot be changed.

For a complete overview of playing Honeyland using Gen Z Bees, visit Gen Z Game Play

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Shard List for Genesis, Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 Bees

Shards Utility

Permanent Effect

icon Queen Eggs Hatches a Queen Bee
icon Bee Eggs Hatches a Male Bee
icon Queen Upgrade Upgrades Queen
icon Royal Jelly Allows you to
Breed a Queen Bee
icon Mood Stabilizer Prevents your Queen’s mood from
changing during Breeding
icon Attack Upgrades Attack Stat
icon Defense Upgrades Defense Stat
icon Health Upgrades Health Stat
icon Endurance Upgrades Endurance Stat
icon Recovery Upgrades Recovery Stat
icon Capacity Upgrades Capacity Stat
icon Agility Upgrades Agility Stat
icon Luck Upgrades Luck Stat

Temporary Effect based on the rarity of the item created by combining shards

icon Shield Protects Hive from Raids
icon Sonar Buzz Identifies good Lands to
Hunt and Harvest
icon Poison Bomb Decreases the Agility
of other Player's Bees
icon Cursed Honey Drop Decreases the Luck
of other Player's Bees
icon * Mint Spray Cancels/Blocks
Poison and Curses

* Mint Spray can only be deployed by the Landowner

Paradise Maker

Each landform has its own type of Paradise Maker, when deployed on a Land, it gives visiting Bees an additional 75% boost in their Agility

icon Swizzle Sticks Changes Seaside Land's
Normal Climate to Paradise
icon Lollipop Changes Meadow Land's
Normal Climate to Paradise
icon Sparkle Candy Changes Desert Land's
Normal Climate to Paradise
icon Snow Sugar Changes Summit Land's
Normal Climate to Paradise
icon Candy Coat Changes Woodland Land's
Normal Climate to Paradise


Each Landform has its own type of Lantern, when deployed on a Land it decreases the Honeypot drop time

Name Decreases Drop Time For
icon Lantern of Insight Seaside Lands
icon Lantern of Knowledge Meadow Lands
icon Lantern of Hope Desert Lands
icon Lantern of Revealing Summit Lands
icon Lantern of Light Woodland Lands
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REMEMBER: Shards need to be redeemed for a whole item before they can be used in the game or sold to other players. The more shards you redeem, the rarer, more effective, and more valuable the resulting item will be.