Your Hive

The center of your Honeyland activities!

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Your Hive

Psst! Let me tell you about your super important home in Honeyland: Your Hive! It's the buzzing heart of all your activities. This is where your Queen hangs out, keeping a watchful eye over your precious Honey and Inventory. Plus, she gives your Bees a boost while on Missions making them even more awesome!

In your Hive, you're able to claim the sweet rewards from your Hunting and Harvesting escapades. Trust me, it's like getting a tasty treat for all your hard work. Plus, you can review your XP tasks, spin the Lucky Wheel (can't miss that, right?), and manage your entire Swarm. It's a family reunion, but with Bees!

And there's more! You can also scan your activity log to see all the cool things you've been up to in the game. And if you're into numbers, you'll love this: check your gameplay stats to see how you're crushing it in Honeyland.

So, remember, your Hive is the place to be. It's where the action happens, where rewards are claimed, and where you can take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments. Visit your Hive and let the honey-filled adventures continue!

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Deploying a Shield protects your Hive from being Raided by other players. It removes you from the Raid list for as long as the Shield is active.

REMINDER: If you have a Shield up and Attack another player, your Shield will be deactivated even if you still have Shield time remaining.

You can create a Shield item by redeeming Shield shards you have received by playing Honeyland. You can also buy Shield shards from the in-game Marketplace.

Look out! - If you activate a Shield after raiding other Hives, it won’t protect you from Revenge attacks from the players you have Raided.

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Rarity Cost Background Protects Hive
from Attack
Common 20 Shards Green 6 Hours
Rare 40 Shards Blue 12 Hours
Epic 80 Shards Red 28 Hours
Legendary 150 Shards Yellow 62 Hours
Mythic 300 Shards Purple 136 Hours


Lucky Wheel

Spin the wheel to collect your prize(s)! Your VIP level determines how many times you can spin the wheel each day. You will start out with one spin; as you progress in the game, you can build up to having four spins a day!

Want more spins? - Build up your friends list, send and receive Zzubs each day, redeem 50 Zzubs for a spin of the wheel, collect more shards! Easy as that!

REMINDER: The Lucky Wheel is accessed by visiting your Hive and tapping on Bonus in the lower left area.