The website companion to Honeyland!

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HiveMind - Staking

HiveMind is the staking platform for the Honeyverse. It’s a website companion to the Honeyland Game. You can access it at

If you buy or mint Honeyland assets, you will need to stake them to receive all the benefits of ownership!

REMINDER: You must stake Queens and Bees via HiveMind in order to use them in the Honeyland Game. If you unstake a Queen or Bee it will no longer show in the game.

Downtime for newly received assets

IMPORTANT: If you Breed or Hatch a Bee or Queen inside the game, it will stake and be ready to play automatically. The following apply to assets that you purchase, trade, or are given.

After staking new assets:

Queens will have a 24 hour downtime period before they can be used in the game.

Bees are immediately available for Hunting and Harvesting Missions.

Bees have a 72 hour downtime before they can go on PvP Missions.

Breeding and Upgrading is immediately avilable to Players with Beemium accounts. FTP Players have a 72 hour downtime before newly received assets can Breed or Upgrade.

Passes have a 24 hour warmup period after staking. You must stake your Pass to receive the benefits of ownership.


Lands must be staked for the Landowner to receive commissions and entry fees from Bees Hunting and Harvest their land. Lands will level up based on the amount of time they are staked offering Landowners more flexibility in setting the fees they charge. Additionally, Lands must be staked to be featured when players deploy Sonar Buzz.

Land Staking Benefits

Land Must be Staked Consecutively to Receive Benefits
Levels Achieved are Permanent Even if Land is Unstaked or Sold
All Lands Start at Level 1

Level Foundation Level Requirement Maximum Commission that can be Charged * Maximum Entry Fee that can be Charged Honey Reserves ** Weekly Shard Airdrop
1 icon - 4.0% 0.4 Honey (HXD) 160 20
2 icon Level 1
+30 Consecutive Days Staking
5.5% 0.55 Honey 200 40
3 icon Level 2
+60 Consecutive Days Staking
7.0% 0.7 Honey 240 60
4 icon Level 3
+90 Consecutive Days Staking
8.5% 0.85 Honey 280 100
5 icon Level 4
+150 Consecutive Days Staking
10.0% 1.0 Honey 320 150

* Entry Fees Will be Subject to Future Halving Events Total Consecutive Staking Time Required to Reach Level 5 = 330 Days

** Landowners will receive shards from each of the following four categories (evenly divided between the four catagories)

Category Contents
1 Mint Spray Shards
2 Lantern or Paradise Maker Shards that
Match your Land
3 90% Chance of Upgrade Item Shards
10% Chance of Mood Stabilizer Shards
4 80% Chance of In-Game Item Shards
10% Chance of Egg Shards
5% Chance of Queen Egg Shards
5% Chance of Royal Jelly Shards