Bee Lab

Breed, Hatch, Upgrade, Fuse, and Trait Swap!

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Bee Lab Overview

Fly into the Bee Lab and prepare for some bee-tastic fun! Upgrade your Bees, hatch those adorable Eggs in the Hatching Machine, create Bee magic in the Honeymoon Suite, convert multiple (non Gen Z) Bees into a single Gen 1 Egg using Fusion, or give your Bee a new look using Trait Swap. Get ready to embark on a bee-nomenal adventure like no other!


Upgrade your Bees using the items you’ve created by redeeming shards. You’ll see the stats of your entire Swarm allowing you to easily decide which Bee will best benefit from an upgrade. Visit Upgrades to learn more.

Hatching Machine

The Hatching Machine is used to reveal new Bees from Queen and Bee Eggs. You can create these Eggs by redeeming Egg shards.You can use the Hatching Machine on our Hatching Website or by vising the Bee Lab inside of Honeyland. As new Universes are introduced in the game, they will subsequently become available in the Hatching Machine.

Honeymoon Suite

Visit the Honeymoon Suite to Breed new Bees. It's a great way to grow your Swarm. Visit Breeding to learn more.


Fusion gives you the opportunity to remove weaker Bees from your Hive and receive a Gen 1 Egg in their place. Hatch the Egg using the Hatching Machine to reveal your new Gen 1 Bee.

NOTE: Gen Z Bees are not eligible for Fusion.

Trait Swap

Trait Swap allows you to change the cosmetics (clothes, mouth, eyes, etc.) of your Bees. Most cosmetics also change the stats of your Bees so they are a great way to strenghten your Swarm while creating unique Bees.

REMINDER: Visit the Cosmetic Shop daily as new cosmetic options are always being added.