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Honeyland is a strategy and resource management game, open ecosystem and decentralized exchange where developers and studios build tools, games, items and more into our platform that allows for infinite game and experience possibilities that never get old.

  • Play and Own

    Complete missions to earn HONEY and NFTs

  • Infiniverse

    Open ecosystem for developers to build apps, games, & more

  • Gamified DeFi

    Swap, Stake, and Farm HONEY to earn more and unlock features

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Core Honeyverse Activities

Play Honeyland and earn HONEY and NFTs by completing missions.


Strategically send your Bees on harvesting missions to collect HONEY from specific Lands. The amount of HONEY a player can earn is dependent on the strength of their colony, strategic decisions, and reduced idle time.


Strategically send your Bees on hunting missions to find and collect NFTs. These NFTs can be used to strengthen your own colony or sold in the Honeyland marketplace.


Send swarms of your Bees to steal HONEY from other players by risking your own HONEY. This is not for the faint of heart.


Strategically mate your Queen Bee and Bees to grow your colony of Bees. These Bees can be used to go on missions or can be sold in the Honeyland marketplace.

Powered By
The Solana Blockchain

Honeyland is built on the Solana blockchain. Its low cost and lightning speed transactions provide the best web3 gaming experience combined with a developer-friendly rapidly-growing ecosystem. We love it. You will too.

DeFi Made

Fun & Easy

Honeyland is building the first-ever gamified decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Solana blockchain.

The DEX will allow players to easily swap tokens, become a Liquidity Provider by providing liquidity to any token of pools that they'd like, and stake HONEY to earn staking rewards.


NFTs & Tokens

Players can earn, own, and trade several different in-game assets


NFT Assets

Players can mint & breed Bee NFTs that can be used in-game to earn other assets & tokens with real value. Players can buy & sell these NFTs in the Honeyland marketplace or on secondary markets.


Native Token

$HXD is the Utility Token that Players get by collecting Nectar. The Nectar is the smallest unit of the $HXD. $HXD can be converted to other cryptocurrencies with real value through the Honeyland DEX.


In-Game Land

Universes in Honeyland are divided into Lands which are represented by NFTs, so users can buy & sell them. Land NFTs yield tokens & other NFTs that can be extracted by the owner or by other players for a commission.


Staking Rewards

Stake your $HXD to receive xHXD shares. Owners of this token will have access to special missions & game features, asset lending & borrowing, priority NFT drops, voting for the treasury, & more.

Make Bank With Honeyland

Ways To Earn

Play Honeyland and earn HONEY and NFTs in a number of different ways both actively and passively

  • Missions

    Send the right Bees on the right missions to earn the most. Missions can be anything from Harvesting for HONEY, Hunting for NFTs, or Attacking other hives to steal their HONEY. More missions equals more earning.

  • Commissions

    Landowners can farm their own Land and allow other players to farm on their Land for a commission of the HONEY or NFTs extracted. Bee owners can also rent their Bee NFT to other players.

  • Marketplace

    The Honeyland marketplace allows players to buy, sell, & trade their in-game assets & NFTs. These assets can be used to increase the player’s ability to earn HONEY or can be kept for their resale value.

  • DeFi

    As you earn HONEY, use the Honeyland decentralized exchange to swap, stake, and farm it to earn more. All of these are done in a gamified fashion to make it fun and easy, regardless of your DeFi experience.

The Bees Are Buzzing

Honeyverse Timeline

Check out the Honeyland roadmap to get excited about everything coming up next










Q4. 2021

Core Team formed, Alpha Deck built, Tokenomics finalized, Advisors committed, Artwork direction approved.

January 2022

Updated Deck with integrated artwork, Seed round opened, DEX plan formalized, Game framework development begins.

February 2022

Seed round funded, Community building begins, Whitepaper launched, Website launched, Game trailer launched.

March 2022

Private A round started, Dubai meetup event, V2 Website launch, Launchpad partnerships created, Community is rocking.

April 2022

NFT artwork introduced, SWARM apparel launch, Gameplay trailer, Hacker House Miami

May 2022

Special community events, Hacker House Bengaluru.

June 2022

Genesis Eggs NFT initial mint, Incubation released, Hacker House Austin, NFT NYC Penthouse Party

Q3. 2022

HONEY ($HXD) Initial DEX Offering through launchpads, Honeyland Land NFT initial mint, Universe 1 Egg NFT initial mint, Release of Honeyland Alpha, Developer contest created for Layer 2 games

Q4. 2022

Honeyland Marketplace launch, Gamified DEX launch, Game updates with in-game purchases, Universe expansion...and much more

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Honeyland Updates

Meet the Core Team


Honeyland has assembled a core team of proven entrepreneurs and executors. Their ability to plan, build, and execute to perfection is only outshined by their ability to get users excited about what they’ve built and scale whatever it is they’re working on. Their backgrounds are as diverse as they are distinguished, and they are poised to launch one of the most successful web3 game ecosystems ever built.

  • Corey Wright

    Entrepreneur, Business Coach. Growth Hacker; Franchisor in Real Estate industry, Former MBA Professor at PLNU.

  • Apoorv Soni

    Ad-tech & Mobile Advertising Entrepreneur. Founded numerous Ad-tech ventures, serving 1B ad impressions daily.

  • Justin Barr

    Growth & User-acquisition expert. Co-founded Mobile Advertising platform Tapit!; Acquired by $PHUN. Rugged by MtGox.

  • Brendan Raftery

    Seasoned Tech and Entertainment Entrepreneur, Channel Development expert, Investor relations.

We're always looking for amazing talent!
Join the Honeyland Team today!

Check out the

Advisors Hive

Former Zynga Director of Revenue & Marketing with expertise in User-Acquisition and In-App Purchases. Current Director @ Snap Inc

A.J. Yeakel

Ex-Pixar, Ex-Harvard Lampoon President. Connected in Media, Hollywood, working with our Game team on Story, Art, Production.

Gabe Appel

Blockchain expert, Founder of, Developer of NeoTokyo Identities and RarityMon. His blockchain studio will audit & oversee our Blockchain development.

Kaleb P.

Gaming Industry Advisor. Board of Directors Perion, Altimar Acquisitions (NYSE) and PopReach (TSE). Frequent guest on Bloomberg TV, contributor

Mike Vorhaus

Blockchain and game strategy expert. Market maker whale with strong following. Will advise on game strategy, DEX creation and liquidity pools.


Has been a strategist and advisor for over 30 tech startups including EQIFI, Steady State, Ally, OMNI, and more. Specializes in post-launch strategy.

Josh Meier

Founder Tokenomik Inc, a tier 1 crypto VC, past VP @ Goldman Sachs. Executive team and advisor at Unido, Flourishing AI and Hypersign.

Michael Swan

Contributed to over 70 projects with all aspects of launch preparation, fundraising, partnerships and marketing strategy.

Corey Billington

Serial entrepreneur and founder of SINC Legal. Specializing in law, DAO formation, operations, and corporate strategies.

Don Ho, Esq.

Co-Founder of Twitch & - The leading game NFT marketplace on Solana.

Justin Kan

Currently Global Head of Crypto Assets, Retail & Private bank at Standard Chartered Bank. Part of founding leadership team of two Digital Banks in Asia.

Saurav Bhatia


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