Upgrading your Bees in Honeyland!

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Eventually everyone will want to make their Bee stronger, luckier, and more agile! Who wouldn't want to make their Queen even more regal! This is where the game gets really exciting. Learning how and where to apply upgrades is fun.

Redeeming the shards you have been gathering is the heart of the upgrade process. Visit your game inventory screen to get the process started. If you need upgrade items fast and you don’t want to wait until you have enough shards, you can purchase upgrades from the secondary market. (Coming Soon)

Queen Upgrades

Upgrading your Queen increases her Level and can affect her stats. It can also change her Mood.

A Queen’s Level tells you how many upgrade slots she will pass on to her offspring when she Breeds. The more upgrade slots a Bee has, the more you can improve its stats!

EXAMPLE: A Level 12 Queen will produce offspring with 12 upgrade slots allowing that Bee to be upgraded a maximum of 12 times.

REMINDER: When a Queen’s Mood is matched with the Moods of Bees sent on missions it provides a Boost to your Bee’s stats. This can have a big impact on the result of the mission.

Look out! - If you upgrade your Queen, her Mood may change (depending on the rarity of upgrade you apply).

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Queen Upgrade


  • - Each Upgrade Increases the Queen's Level by One
  • - Level Determines how many Upgrade Slots she Passes to her Offspring
  • - Level Determines the % Boost she Provides when Matching Moods on Missions
Rarity Cost Background *Stat
Common 20 Shards Green 3.2% Drop Yes
Rare 40 Shards Blue 1.4% Drop No
Epic 80 Shards Red No Change No
Legendary 150 Shards Yellow 3.2% Increase Yes
Mythic 300 Shards Purple 3.2% Increase No

*The Stat Change Above is Based on a Starting Stat of 220 Actual Change will vary Based on how far the Stat is from the Maximum or Minimun Stat

Queen Upgrade Example 1

Legendary and Mythic Upgrades Increase the Queen's Stats

Generation Percentage
Genesis 11%
Gen1 10
Gen2 9
Gen3 or GenZ 8

Assume the Queen's stat is 200 and she is a Genesis Queen
280 (Max Stat) - 200 (Current Stat) = 80
80 x 11% (Genesis Queen) = 8.8 which is rounded to 9
200 + 9 = 209
209 is the New Stat

Queen Upgrade Example 2

Common and Rare Upgrades Decrease the Queen's Stats

Rarity Percentage
Common 20%
Rare 10

Assume the Queen's stat is 210, using a Common upgrade
210 (Current Stat) - 180 (Minimum Stat) = 30
30 x 20% (Common Upgrade %) = 6
210 - 6 = 204
204 is the New Stat

ADVANCED STRATEGY: A level 20 Queen can’t have further upgrades to her stats. However, if desire to change her mood there are two options.

1. You can apply a legendary upgrade.

2. You can breed her without Mood Stabilizer

In either case, she will be assigned one of 12 different moods which means that her mood MIGHT stay the same, but it’s more likely that it will change. You can’t choose her mood.

Bee Upgrades

Build a better Swarm by upgrading your Bees. Shards that you earn from Hunting, Quests, and the Daily Gift are redeemed to create upgrade items that you use to enhance your Bees in various ways.

REMEMBER: Your Bee’s Level indicates how many times you can upgrade that Bee.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have a Bee that is Level 7. That means this Bee can be upgraded seven times. Perhaps you want him to be a stronger Hunter. If so, you would upgrade his Luck stat. If you want to use this Bee on your Defense team, you would want to upgrade his Defense and Health stats. You don’t have to do all the upgrades at once and you don’t have to use all seven upgrade slots. It’s completely up to you!

REMINDER: Upgrade items are available in different rarities. The rarer the upgrade item, the greater the stat boost it provides. The number of shards you will need to redeem to create an upgrade item is based on the rarity of the upgrade item you desire.

You can increase your Bee’s stats by applying one or more of the following items:

Bee Upgrade

Health, Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck, Capacity, Recovery, and Endurance

Rarity Cost Background Stat Increase
Common 20 Shards Green 1%
Rare 40 Shards Blue 2%
Epic 80 Shards Red 3%
Legendary 150 Shards Yellow 4%
Mythic 300 Shards Purple 5%

Strong Bees bring back more Honey, Honeypots, and have better chances during Raiding and Defending missions. Be strategic in your upgrades to build the best Bees you can!

A NOTE ABOUT GENZ BEES: Endurance for GenZ Bees is based on the player’s XP Level. All GenZ bees start with an Endurance stat of 120. Their Endurance stat will get automatic boosts as they level up in XP reaching 165 when fully leveled up.

Maximizing Bee Upgrades



Applying a Rare Luck upgrade gives a 2% boost to this Bee’s Luck stat: 164 x 2% = 3.28 (rounded up to 4)

Each Bee will have 10-20 upgrade slots available and players can distribute upgrades across those slots (choosing the type of upgrade and the rarity of the upgrade) as they desire. The number of upgrade slots a Bee starts with is determined by the Level of the Queen that is used to breed him (For example: A Level 12 Queen breeds a male Bee with 12 upgrade slots). If a Generations Bee is hatched from an Egg, he will have 10 upgrade slots. Genesis Bees have 20 upgrade slots.

REMINDER: Genesis Bees cannot be created through game play. They can be purchased on the secondary market.