XP/VIP Points

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Embark on your journey through Honeyland and watch as new levels of XP (Experience Points) and VIP (Very Important Player) Points unfold before your eyes. Every mission, every upgrade, and every activity you engage in earns you points, allowing you to unlock a wide range of perks and rewards.

With each milestone, you'll discover a whole new realm of possibilities, from valuable rewards to unique bonuses. It's a journey filled with progression and excitement, as you strive to become a true VIP player in the realm of Honeyland.

XP - Experience Points

XP points reward players as they progress through Honeyland unlocking new game features and providing free game rewards. Players complete daily and weekly tasks to accumulate XP points and achieve new XP levels. XP points determine how many Lands a player can occupy at one time, how many Bees can be sent on each mission, the total number of Bees that can be on missions at one time, and more.

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VIP - Very Important Player

VIP points reward players for contributing to the Honeyland game economy. Players can reduce their Honey withdrawal tax and time restrictions, level up their avatar frame, get more daily wheel spins, increase their daily shopping limits, and get XP multipliers as they achieve new levels.

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