Bee Lab

Breed, Hatch, and Upgrade!

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Bee Lab

Fly into the Bee Lab and prepare for some bee-tastic fun! Here, you'll find the Workshop, the Hatching Machine, and the Honeymoon Suite, all buzzing with excitement! Upgrade your Bees in the Workshop, hatch those adorable Eggs in the Hatching Machine, and create Bee magic in the Honeymoon Suite. Get ready to embark on a bee-tastic adventure like no other!


The Workshop allows you to upgrade your Bees using the Upgrade items you created by redeeming shards. The Workshop will display your entire Swarm allowing you to easily see all of your Bee’s stats to decide which Bee will best benefit from an upgrade.

You also use the Workshop to add (Fuse) cosmetic upgrades to your Bees. Cosmetic upgrades are purchased using Design Bucks.

COMING SOON! - Fusing and Ascension

Hatching Machine

After you create Queen and Bee Eggs through redeeming Egg shards, take those Eggs to the Hatching Machine to reveal your new Bee.

Honeymoon Suite - Breeding

The Honeymoon Suite will display your entire Swarm allowing you to easily see which Queens and Bees are available for Breeding.

STRATEGY:The male Bee determines the generation of the offspring.

The Queen and Bee will experience a Breeding cooldown period after each Breed. You will still be able to use them in the other parts of the game, but they won’t be able to Breed again until the cooldown ends.

Breeding cost is affected by how many times the male Bee has been Breed before.

Look Out! - The Queen's mood will change each time she breeds unless Mood Stabilizer is used during the Breeding process. The mood of male Bees does not change. Remember, matching the moods of your Queen and your Bees generates significant mission boosts.

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Features of Queens and Bees

The Queen's Level determines the number of upgrade slots she will pass to her offspring

Queen Type Cool Down
Number of
Mission Boost
Genesis Queen 25% Unlimited 25-50%
Gen1 15% 18 Times 20-40%
Gen2 8% 12 Times 15-30%
Gen3 0% 6 Times 10-20%
GenZ 0% Cannot Breed 5-10%

Each time a male Bee breeds, the cost for that Bee to breed again will increase

Male Bee Type Stat Multiplier Range (Affects the Stats of the Offspring) Number of Breeds Generation of Offspring
Genesis Bee 1.3 - 1.9 Unlimited Gen1
Gen1 1.2 - 1.9 Unlimited Gen2
Gen2 1.1 - 1.9 Unlimited Gen3
Gen3 1.1 - 1.8 Unlimited Gen3
GenZ - Cannot Breed -

Offspring has a 90% chance of being the same universe as the male Bee and a 10% chance of being the same universe as the Queen Bee.
Landform specialty, Like, Dislike, Mood, and Attack Profiles are randomly generated

Royal Jelly

Ready for Royalty? Just add Jelly!

Breeding will always result in a male Bee unless you add Royal Jelly to the process. When you add Royal Jelly, you will get a Queen!

You acquire Royal Jelly by collecting Royal Jelly shards and redeeming them for a Royal Jelly item.

STRATEGY:The rarity of Royal Jelly you use affects the stats of the resulting Queen. See the chart below for details.

REMINDER: Your new Queen will be born at Level 10 with the potential to upgrade to a maximum of Level 20.

Royal Jelly

Rarity Cost Background New Queen
Stat Change
Common 20 Shards Green 7.5% Drop
Rare 40 Shards Blue 3.8% Drop
Epic 80 Shards Red No Change
Legendary 150 Shards Yellow 3.8% Increase
Mythic 300 Shards Purple 7.5% Increase


Mood Stabilizer

Prevent your Queen’s mood from changing during Breeding by applying a Mood Stabilizer during the Breed.

Mood Stabilizer is created through redeeming Mood Stabilizer shards. There’s only a single type of Mood Stabilizer (no rarities).

REMINDER: The fee for Breeding will automatically be paid in Honey using your in-game wallet.